Remember that movie about that group of kids who found a treasure map in one of their dad’s attic?  Then they ended up in a cave under a shady non-functioning summer restaurant, while some crazy felons were chasing them to get to the riches that had been hidden on a ship for hundreds of years.  So, they’re being chased and they come to a crossroad where they can take the responsible, easy way out treasureless, and at the mercy of the town yuppie who’s buying them out of their own homes, or they can press on.  And that one kid gives the feel good speech about not giving up and that it’s “they’re time down there”.   That’s The Succession of Chester Copperpot.  It’s about that moment when you have to make a choice; settle for mediocrity and take the easy way out, or stick with it and drudge through the murky swamp and thick-as-molasses fog for the rich stuff.  
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