Pop-culture functions in a space of perpetual cycle.  It starts with mediation which reaches the masses is then appropriated by way of trends and habits which in turn generates new iterations of the previously mediated material, ripe for re-mediation.  "If You're Through With That Can I Have It?" is an exploration of that cycle.  By way of personal anecdotes, interviews, and dialectics the text is a supplemental insight to the motivations of an extensively diverse body of work.  

This thesis is broken down into 5 distinct categories, 4 of which are investigative into each stage of the cycle, the last of which is an explanation of process.  The first, mediation, is an attempt to uncover the impact of media, particularly popular TV, on culture.  The second explores popular culture (particularly that of American pop culture in the 1980's and 90's), how it has penetrated its way into my own psyche, and highlights various artists who create work using cues from it.  The third stage in the cycle, appropriation, is the stage at which my work emerges.  It is here that I execute an intervention to the cycle by means of remixing.  The last stage is feedback, describing the various ways media and the work is fed back into the cycle. 
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